ADHD Diaries

So, this is my first proper post, and I wanna discuss one of the things that I think inspired me to make a blog, and one of the things that has probably one of the biggest impacts on my life out of any of the things in my jungle of a head, ADHD.

My current plan is to make this a series, maybe once a fortnight or something, I’ll update my diary-type thing, and just talk about the impact on my life that my ADHD has had. It’s still early days so expect me to miss some dates and forget a hell of a lot of things, and prepare for some mega waffle…

For my first post I’m just planning on trying to summarise my life up to now and how my ADHD has affected things I’ve done, but mainly will focus on recent things (because I haven’t got a clue what happened 10 years ago). I don’t take my ADHD all too seriously, and try and find humour in the challenges I’ve got in my life, so just as maybe a bit of a disclaimer how I discuss my experiences are purely intended to portray my life with ADHD, and anything that may be upsetting to you is not intended to make light of your experiences with anything I talk about, it’s just how I work through things.

So, I’ll start of by describing what my life is like with my ADHD, and how it has affected my life and what I sort of know about it, cus honestly I definitely don’t understand it myself, it baffles me daily. I ‘suffer’ with very mild ADHD, so I definitely don’t struggle with it, I just have moments where challenges arise that shouldn’t need to, but that is sort of what everyone has. The main impacts it has on my life is a short attention span, the occasional overload of energy, and looking at the symptoms sheet I got when I got diagnosed, other things like being able to learn things super quick, saying inappropriate things when I know they’re inappropriate (I think basically not having a filter, they just try and make things sound fancy), trouble coping with stress and being disorganised.

I do think that half of the ‘symptoms’ of ADHD are things that everyone experiences, I purely think that when it becomes something that limits you and provides challenges that are mad to overcome is when it becomes the ‘mental disorder’ but I’m just a 20 year old with no knowledge of the field, so my opinion is certainly not bible.

So in that paragraph I used quotation marks twice for ‘suffer’ and ‘mental disorder’, and I’ll explain why I did both together cus its all kinda linked. I said I ‘suffer’ with it because genuinely, I think that the phrase suffering is a bit unfair on it, and I don’t think applies to me. I do experience it, and it does sometimes limit what I can do, but its probably one of my favourite characteristics that I have, and now I’ve come to accept it, I use it as a strength that helps me keep positive and keep going, and it helps to keep me unique and inspire me to always stay true to myself when I have my moments. Now I have no intention of glorifying ADHD, don’t get me wrong ideally I wouldn’t have it, due to my ADHD I flopped in my GCSE’s, meaning I couldn’t get into my sixth form, lost ties with the majority of my friends, and couldn’t get any A-Levels to help with hopefully finding a university. Not ideal. It’s also damaged a lot of friendships, and caused friction in my family occasionally, with them not understanding it and finding it difficult to deal with me, I’m just saying there’s a silver lining to the cloud. But if you’re reading this and ‘suffer’ with a mental ‘disorder’ don’t listen and think into the words that are tied with something you live with, ignore it. It helps you to be you, and you’re the only person who can be you. Flaunt what makes you different, and try and learn that that part of you is not an illness, it can be a positive when its worked with. A banging quote by Dr Seuss is “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you“.

Honestly, I might wrap this up here, I think I’ll post updates fortnightly like I said, because I don’t wanna rinse writing about it, and want to give time between posts that will help for me to actually have something hopefully interesting to say, and so I don’t bore everyone with these. Anyway, enjoy the blog and life, peace x


Welcome to my blog, I’m gonna start my first post talking a bit about me, and what my goals are and then just see what happens. I’m a bit of a waffler, so just to make it quick in future posts, the significant bits will be in bold ‘cus I imagine it will take a while to read most of my posts.

So I’ll start of saying my name is Drxw (obviously not with the x but I’ll explain). I am 20 years old, grew up in Greenwich, London, and then moved to the outskirts of London, until I recently moved to the south coast. I’ve worked in education a bit, but try and dabble in as much as I can, cus having broad horizons make life much more interesting.

I am going by Drxw because this blog is about me, so I’m using my name, but I don’t want my actual name to be at the top of it, as I like a bit of anonymity on the internet and just would feel so awkward if my family found this… But the reason this is Drxw rather than something like “The mind of my kind” is because I want people to see they can be themselves, without having to fully commit their entire self to it. I’m gonna completely be me on here, and even though I might not have my real name on it, you’re gonna be hearing about the real me through my posts. Make sense? No? Ah well…

I have a hell of a lot of interests, so still haven’t decided the path I will take this blog down, but I will try and keep the genre of my posts quite concise, and also try and make the posts interesting and as much of an insight into my head as my head allows me to do.

I live with ADHD, and have suffered with depression and anxiety, don’t really know if that’s relevant just thought I’d throw it in, maybe it will help you understand some of my posts and views, but in a nutshell, I’m an excitable 20 year old who has the occasional mood swing, and cant make his mind up on what he wants to do in life, so I think I’m like everyone else really.

Anyway I’ve rambled enough, and I have loads of ideas that I wanna write about, so I’ll wrap this up now. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I’ll answer everything. At the time of writing I have literally no audience so it is weird writing that, but hey ho. Enjoy the blog and life, peace x

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